What Fits: Céline Trio Bag

When it comes to buying a bag, one of the most important things to think about is what will in shape inside. Of program we care about the aesthetics as well as the quality, however the primary function of a purse is to bring things. sometimes I end up with a bag that is a bottomless pit, while other times, I end up with a bag that barely fits the bare necessities.

I wished to begin a new series, What Fits, to showcase a few of our preferred bags as well as what fits inside it. We’re hoping these posts will assist you choose if a specific bag will work for you or if you requirement to pass on it instead. To kick it off, I wished to begin with one of the most liked Céline bags, the Trio.

[Editor’s Note: This publish was originally published on February 4, 2015]

While the Trio is extremely coveted as well as carried, many concern about exactly how much this three-pouch bag can carry. the very best part, though is that this bag brings so much more than you would think, which has always pleasantly surprised me. The products above are what fits in this bag without it being excessively stuffed, as well as what I brought in this bag last week.

– Lambertson Truex card situation with credit history cards as well as business cards
– Versace sunglasses
– Louis Vuitton bracelet
– Gin Gin candies (the BEST!)
– Emergen-C
– Kind Bar
– cars and truck keys
– yara bandı
– Inhaler
– Chanel Lipstick
– Fresh Lip Balm
– iphone 5S with Mophie Case
– peşin
– hair ties
– Kleenex pouch
– little Advil
– inhaler

As you can see, I have a great deal of products in my bag. I separate my products into three classifications as well as then I put them into the pouches. You would believe this much stuff would make my bag bulge out awkwardly look super stuffed, however that just isn’t the case. That’s why I believe of this bag as a Mary Poppins pouch.

The front pocket has my two lip glosses, as well as you can see their outline a bit on the pouch; that would occur no matter exactly how many products you have in the bag. The great thing about the Trio is you can eliminate the pouches as well as utilize a single pouch, two pouches or all three.

Last I checked, the Céline Trio costs just over $1,050. There is a larger size as well, however I like the original size. fun fact: if you own more than one, you can switch out the pouches with your other bags, which I like doing with my two trios–it makes them multicolored.

Dimensions are 8.5″w x 5.5″h X 1.5″d

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